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April 19th, 2010

11:00 pm - In his eyes...
In his eyes I'm beautiful and young again.

In his eyes I'm sexy and desirable.

In his eyes I'm the only person in the world at that moment.

In his eyes I see him wanting me...wanting to be part of me.

In his eyes I see myself the way he does and I like what I see.

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March 16th, 2010

08:56 pm - Superman Tonight
I don't wanna drink because I still taste him in my mouth...

I don't wanna shower because I can smell him on my body...

And I don't wanna sleep so I can keep seeing his face.

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February 6th, 2010

02:06 pm - Test
Test to see if my writing app works!

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June 20th, 2008

11:05 pm - Slash!!
It's been a long time but I've been writing again!! Actually, I've been writing ever since I got the bug back in 2004 with my OTP Thoogie!!! Hard to believe it's been 4 years!!

I have a dozen or more swimslash in varies stages and a few jake and heath as well! I'm not sure why, probably several reasons, but I need to write! So, hopefully there are still some ficfans out there to enjoy the stuff!

Boy, that was something else with Athens, there was so much swim slash I couldn't even read or comment on it all! I don't think we'll see that ever again...not without our Ian!

Anyway, since it's been a long time, I thought I'd post a couple short things. I don't know if anyone is in the mood or has the time to proof read so I'll do my best but feel free to let me know of any errors! I'll be posting them in the next couple days.

Love to all and hopefully someone will enjoy the upcoming manlove!!!

PS I heard the best comment on same sex marriage the other night on Jay Leno! Wanda Sykes was on, I think she's sooo funny! Jay asked her what she thought about it and all the controversy over it. She said, "If you don't believe in same sex marriage, don't marry someone of the same sex." LOL if everyone could see things that simply!

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April 11th, 2008

02:35 am - Hello!
Well, since I have more time lately I decided to give my journal a long overdue update! and although they've had many colorful themes, I still can't get it to look the way I want!!!! AHHHH! I don't know why I can just pick a color and be happy...no, no I want the font to be different, the layout different etc;

Sorry to return with a big whine but damn that pisses me off! I'm a MAC user so its pretty easy...no html, or url just drag the shiny thing or the photo! LOL And I do know why I can't leave it be after all these years...I'm an OCD Artist!!! Hell, I'd decorate the trash bins if I had time! (I am going to at least buy 2 new matching ones! LOL) I crack myself up!

You know what Ladies, its almost here...that's right Summer 2008! Although, I was rereading was swimslash, thinking we really need to start writing again, and I couldn't get past that sadness about Ian. It just won't be the same without THOOGIE! Maybe we'll see him in the stands cheering for this Aussie brothers and sisters...and secretly cheering his one true love...Pieter!!! God I miss them!!!

Oh, on a more "real" note lol, China!?! hello?! Why is anyone (dumb newspeople to start with)surprised with all the protest?! What did they think would happen when they selected China, that they would just have a big freedom party and declare democracy throughout the land! A big duh!? to all the people on tv surprised and a shame on you to the Olympic commitee for falling for the fancy slide show and the tasty snacks the Chinese had at the meeting!

Oooo, snacks...that sounds good! I think I have a half of Reese in the bottom of my purse! lol

Love to all!!

Princess Lacy

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February 4th, 2008

09:08 pm
Hillary Clinton
Score: 59
Stem-Cell Research
Health Care
Social Security
Line-Item Veto
Death Penalty
Gun Control

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09:05 pm
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October 20th, 2007

11:47 pm
Hello to all my friends who are still out there! I hope all is well! I no longer have the yearbook to deal so I'm actually enjoying teaching my classes and begin to get my life back after 2 years. However, I still have about 3 more months of crazy busy because I'm taking 6 hrs this semester because I was too busy or too tired the last 2 year to do them. After that hopefully calmness!

I decided I need to start using my journal to write things other than Ficition. With that in mind, I'd like share my thoughts on men tonight. While I love men, lots of men...big men, short men, black men, Italian men...well, you get the idea. Never the less, I've decided they are sex driven animals who little or no understanding about feelings, love and commitment.

I think they believe the shit they say, trying to get your clothes off. Don't worry I didn't fall for it this time but I came close. This one was a real charmer, he had the lines and the moves to actually make you think what he's saying is true. Maybe they are true to them at the time...pre-sex time!

Well, there's a lot more I could go on about but I'm tired and feeling dumb for waiting up for a phone call that I should have know would never come. Sadly, I really actually liked this guy

Love to all!!

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July 30th, 2007

01:44 am
Ok, I've decided to marry both Pieter and Robert van den Hoogenband!!! We'll all 3 sleep in one big bed and have amazing sex and beautiful children!

I'm back...to reality that is! lol We've had some free weekends of HBO this month for some reason and I'm so hooked on "Big Love"!!!

Now for me personally, as the above example suggests, I will be the only woman! They can even have sex with each other...in fact I'm counting on it but no other females! Truthfully, I'm too insecure and too jealous for that besides a lot women are bitches. I have way more men friends and co-workers that I talk to then women.

Back to the show, aside from the multiple sex partners, I've always loved Bill Paxton and I grew up as a RLDS which has the same history as the LDS and the FLDS(which the show is based on.) I went to our RLDS university and they have a huge collection of documents on all that. I did several papers on the churches.

I never thought to check out the show before because I just guessed it was all these men getting off having a bunch of wives! Never the less, there's tons of history and adventure, drama, laughs and thrills even if you don't know any of the history stuff, oh and some hot sex if you like that one man with a woman stuff! LOL

Unless, it's me I don't need to see anyone having sex but the boys!!!

Ok, off to bed...I still have a couple days of yearbook stuff to do(not doing this another summer!!!) but I think when I'm done before school starts again I'd start a new religion.

Let's see...hmmm....something in keeping with my history...how about the WLDS or something fresh like WMMM (Women marrying many men)

Well, I'll work on it, may not even make sense in the morning! lol Regardless of the name, the main principle is that each woman work up to 5 husbands and the husband can only sleep with her or each other if she chooses.

I have the Hoogie brothers so everyone else is still up for grabs but Ian is still not looking too bad someone better get him before Pieter asks if we can have him!

Hugs to all and sweet dreams!!

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March 13th, 2007

12:05 pm - I've had this in my journal since November! Thought I'd better post it!
I've had this in my journal since November! Thought I'd better post it!

In Honor of Ian's retirement and hopefully his peaceful, happy life...with Pieter *dreamy, wishful gaze*, I'm reposting my first Thoogie fiction and some of my favorite photos.

Now remember, this was my first one so it might be a bit rough around the edges and maybe even a bit cheesy! I didn't have a beta then and don't have time to edit it now but hopefully, everyone will enjoy reading or rereading it as much as I did! You really can't go wrong with those boys!

Thoogie PhotosCollapse )

Title: Please
Author: Swimcrush
Rating: NC-17
Pairing: Ian and Pieter The OTP
Genre: Hot Sex, True Love, Sweet Fluff
Disclaimer: Could be true, you never know...but this is fiction as far as I know. I'm still hopeful though!
Author’s Note: This was originally posted under my first LJ name LacyforThorpey back in 2004. It was posted in 3 parts but I've included them all here. It's still one of my favorites because I can really seeing Ian pouting like a little boy and begging Pieter then turning it around and tormenting his lover! Enjoy!

Please Part 1Collapse )

Please Part 2Collapse )

Please Part 3Collapse )

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